Saturday, February 28, 2009


Once upon a time, under the wide and deep ocean, there is a city named the BIKINI BOTTOM, in occupied by fish and yellow sponge was named SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, because his characteristics that were foolish and stupid, that really suitable with the starfish named Patrick that same was stupid. But they are friends forever. Spongebob lived in the pineapples house, neighbouring with Squidward, the squid is always felt handsome by himself, and happy if could be far from Spongebob and Patrick.

Beside that Spongebob also works as the cook helper in crabby patty restaurant, the most quick-selling and most delicious burger restaurant in the Bikini Bottom. Squidward as the cashier, Mr. Crab as the owner that become money crazy. The plankton is one of the small creature who tried to stole the secret recipe crusty crab through another way but never been successful. Sandy, the smart rabbit that carry out the seabed research and finally decide to live in the bikini bottom, She's going everywhere with clothes like outside the space, and live in the greenhouse.

Gery, Spongebob's snail pet, speaking like a cat!! .. meooow.. strange isn't! Next Mrs Puff, Spongebob's driving teacher that was almost mad, because Spongebob often carry out the mistake in drive.. and many other Spongebob's family and friend that can't be explain one by one..

Spongebob Lyric - It's the best day ever..

Mr.Sun came up and he smiled at me.
He said it was ganna' be a good one,
just wait and see!
Jumped out of bed,
and I ran outside,
feeling so extaic statified.

It's the Best day ever.
It's the best day ever.

I'm so busy, got nothing to do.
Spent the last two hours, tieing my shoe.
Every flower, every grain of sand is
reaching out to shake my hand.
Its the best day ever. It's the best day ever.
Sometimes the little things start closing in on me.
When i'm feeling down, I want to lose that frown,
I stick my head out the window and I look around.
These clouds don't scare me, they can't disguise.
This magic that is happening, right before my eyes.

Soon Mr.Moon, will be shining bright,
so the best day ever can last all night,
yes the best day ever is going to last all night now.

It's the best day ever.It's the best day ever.
It's the best day ever.It's the best day ever.
It's the best day ever.

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